What is 10 Square Presents™?


10 Square Presents is a web series created in Oxford, MS  which focuses on rising artists in the community. Their talents were showcased via short form documentaries and shared on our social media platforms, as well as a popular online magazine websites. Since its inception four years ago, 10 Square has been instrumental in helping artists gain exposure and there are over 30 beautifully produced videos in circulation and the number of  viewers is still growing. In 2018 we made the strategic decision to relocate our base of operations to Atlanta, GA to further expand its reach. We are excited to announce “10 Square Presents” in our new home city! This time, since ATL has such a large community of artists of color, we are creating a spinoff called “The Blaque Arts”.


The Blaque Arts


Have you ever looked for a black photographer or wanted to commission a black artist for an original piece of art but didn’t know where to look? What if you are looking for a great book, but from a lesser known black author? Maybe you want to hear some new music or need a filmmaker to help bring your screenplay to life? The 10 Square Presents TMThe Blaque Arts web series will allow you to meet brilliant black artists located in and around Atlanta. The videos will be a brief, but insightful look at these creative beings and their work. It’s totally free of charge for the artist, because it is created to help them grow. However, there is a non-mandatory option for them to donate up to $25. Our overall goal is to introduce them to new audiences and potentially generate new income sources.        


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Be A Sponsor


There are three levels of sponsorship to fit most everyone's budget: bronze, silver, and gold.  Videos are released on our website, the 10 Square™ Facebook page, Instagram page, and Youtube channel, not to mention the social media sites of the artist.  This gives you several different platforms for exposure and literally thousands of views!




Our bronze level package is a monthly option for $125.  As a bronze level sponsor, you will receive your name in the credits at the end of each video, and a 10% discount on any services from our parent company, Life Long Productions, LLC.

Our silver level package is a 6-month option for $1250.  With it, you will receive 2 basic 30-second business-related videos during your sponsored period, 2 artist recommendations, and all the bronze level package benefits. 

Our gold level package is a 12-month option for $2500.  With it, you will receive four 1 to 3-minute business-related videos, your company name and logo in the end credits, 20% off any additional Life Long Productions services, and 4 artist recommendations.










Supporting can offer huge benefits!


For tax purposes, all sponsors will receive an official verification letter stating that you are a sponsor of the “10 Square Presents” web series. 

For the Silver and Gold sponsors, receiving up to 4 videos (depending on your sponsor level) is a huge benefit because you can receive needed digital marketing material for products, services, or events at no additional costs. The cost of a single video could be equal to or more costly than your sponsorship package 

You also get the added advantage of receiving additional discounts of up to 20% on any of our services during your sponsored period. 

This combination could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on marketing expenses. Not to mention the exposure you will gain from your company’s name and logo being seen by new audiences.




We already have participants lined up and we plan to have our first new video released early February! To become a sponsor, contact Derek A. Brown Sr. at (662)391-4557 or email 10squarepresents@gmail.com.  To see past videos visit our new Youtube channel here.